In order to have an entertaining online match, it is important to pick a good server/stadium. Not unlike humans, emlyn players also suffer from jet-lag and will respond drowsily to your commands, when you play in a far-away stadium. If possible, try choosing a server where the ping delay for both players is balanced and below 100 ms (for more on this, read part 2 of our 'Play EHIS' tutorial).
Also, the game's performance can be affected by the people in the server. Unlike their flesh and bones counterpart, ehis footballers play better when there is no crowd at all. People in a server can cause the game to repeatedly freeze for a second or two... plus, just like real hooligans, they may also disconnect you from the game!

Usually, as you load Kaillera, a list of servers will be automatically be downloaded for you to view; should that fail, here's a list of the most popular stadiums where the ehis community usually gathers to play:

- Phoenix, Greece
- Headoff Kaillera, Bulgaria
- Christda, France
- Kne!pe, Germany
- Core Kailler Server, Greece
- Egamers, Italy
- Reps Emulinker Server, UK
- Emularena Grounds, USA

If you would like to point out a new server or correct some of the information above, please contact us

REPS Stadium
With a little imagination, here's what Reps Stadium may look like...

Headoff Kaillera Stadium
... while this might be Headoff Kaillera


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