WE PLAY EMLYN HUGHES INTERNATIONAL SOCCER online with the CCS64 emulator, and record the results to calculate the continuously updated EHIS World Rankings tables. This page gives an overview of how the whole thing works. If you want to be part of the league, you head to the our five-part crash course explaining everything you need to know about becoming a player.

THE EMLYN HUGHES INTERNATIONAL SOCCER LEAGUE is primarily conducted online, although matches played at home can be entered, as well. The league itself consists of several different types of matches, and the results are calculted into two different rankings tables. To learn more about the different types of matches, check the Competition Types section, while the Rankings Types page will tell you more about how and why we calculate the two different World Rankings lists.

The basic idea, however, is that every match matters, with the sole exception of practice matches that you are forced to play a few of right after you sign up. So, every match you play contributes to your position in the rankings in one way or another. Note especially that losing is not always bad: both World Rankings formulas are designed so that we encourage playing, and although you may lose some points when you lose a match, you can always gain them back with more games! Note also that only the result matters, not the amount of goals scored. Hence, a 1-0 victory gives you just as many points as a 6-0 one.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, feel free to contact us either on the mailing list or through MSN. We are always more than happy to help!


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