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Played on 2010-01-18 22:57:08
at, Germany






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Happy new year / online leagues

Comment by vid (2010-01-18 16:01:50):

First of all, happy new year to all, and sorry for the delay (or sorry for the anticipation, if you use the Chinese calendar)

Online leagues are currently under work and testing, so don't expect them so soon. Maybe in the first week of February we can make the experiment of putting a beta version online

about the match

Comment by vid (2010-01-18 16:03:29):

And about this match, I took advantage of the field factor, but Bahane took the lead in the first half. And he could have scored a second one, had my goalie not saved a sure goal with his third hand!

Happy new year from Vid some open questions...

Comment by cdomplus (2010-01-18 16:43:41):


glad to see you here ... but some questions await answers:

The first that burns my fingers
Have you allowed Pablo to create multiple accounts to continue playing Emlyn (Gianka / Faust)?
And if so, why you are not punished for this act?

Second question: you talk of a new league, fine, but since a few weeks me and some players receive daily insults from Pablo with different identities every time, but the stupidity of these emails give us the certainty they come from pablo
Like berty who served in the mailbox for Pablo recently, and which receives constant requests from Pablo

I think it is time to clean and to remove definitively the accounts of Pablo Gianka and Faust and give back the points that players have been stolen by him and maybe by you.

Last thing what about a control like purpose Carl with the webcam , because it's not enjoy to play versus some ghost...

Em Hu When?????

Comment by bahane (2010-01-18 23:53:48):

24/7 in 2010 looooooool!!!!!!!

Noooow !!!!!

Comment by vid (2010-01-19 16:34:48):

And I'll write more later, as it's way late here in Milano. For now, a warm welcome to Michael Jackson and Goran!


Comment by bahane (2010-01-19 17:20:44):

No problemo master, see ya very soon,em hu regardless!!!

One year later ....

Comment by cdomplus (2011-01-10 08:09:35):

Questions are always open and Vid is dead...

emlyn too


Comment by Lionrock (2011-01-10 08:49:18):

Fra beated Cro with close result in warmUp for WC.. it'll be titans duel upstairs..

france await you

Comment by cdomplus (2011-01-10 12:17:12):

when we play together at emlyn !!!

france await you

Comment by cdomplus (2011-01-10 12:17:13):

when we play together at emlyn !!!


Comment by Lionrock (2011-01-11 10:23:00):



Comment by cdomplus (2011-01-31 10:17:34):

Sorry mate
France too strong for everyone

Em Hu!

Comment by bahane (2011-02-20 19:06:51):

When ? When ? When ?

Em Hu!

Comment by bahane (2011-02-20 19:06:52):

When ? When ? When ?

it's dead but if you want play come bahane

Comment by cdomplus (2011-02-23 02:42:58):

GS - FB!

Comment by bahane (2011-03-14 23:30:53):

We are waiting for you FB, friday is gonna be a nightmare for you :)

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Comment by cdomplus (2011-03-16 01:39:37):


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Comment by cdomplus (2011-03-16 01:41:01):

Friday clash

Comment by tiredcaptain (2011-03-16 01:58:19):

Don't worry Bahane, we'll be there, so that you can also watch Alex and enjoy some football, don't worry.


Comment by bahane (2011-03-16 21:45:37):

Olumune Gs :)

Comment by bahane (2011-03-18 14:36:13):


Comment by bahane (2011-03-18 14:36:48):

Cong Tired, skilled and experienced team!