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Played on 2009-11-13 20:19:13
at bionic 125 for bara 125 for bahane






Normal Game

Berty... And others Wolf ....

Comment by cdomplus (2009-11-16 06:23:30):

cause Stupidity of Bahane kill last post (member board have disappear from here, this time it's sure...)


For answer to you man

i have not play Toni cause he's surely not Toni :)
i have not play vid Cause he take me 100 points for nothing and when i see what barayef and Arda do... now i'm sure Vid take me 100 points only cause he dont like to be behind me..... It's simply DISHONEST
Cause if it's really for my comportment today Bahane and Barayef are banned for 10 Years !!!!

So now Vid disappear.... Toni dont play cause he have no money for good connexion

And Arda ... I play him You know this it's you who permissed this and I beat him 3*2

Video on youtube :)

So now : For this record i play Slaven (he beat you)
Carl (he beat you) .... you (lol) and many players very hard too

NOBODY is able to win many games in a row like this vs Carl or Slaven

I know it hurts to Mr Barayef, but nobody, I mean nobody can make such a record against Carl, Slaven and more ...
Winning as many games of affiliates is purely Titanic

And do not forget that I am at 822 wins in 1022 Games

Then the jealous try to win 10 games already affiliated to it will not hurt, before criticizing

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Season over?!!

Comment by BertyBlunt (2009-11-16 11:41:33):

In past games, where I’ve drew with Vid and Toni, we’ve entered the scores and have played other games since then without a problem.

In past games, where I’ve beat Carl and Lionrock, we’ve entered the scores and have played other games since then without a problem.

When I drew with you, you refused to enter the scores at first and now refuse to play me for rank. Since then, you’ve accused me of cheating and have resorted to leaving silly comments after every game.

I do not question your record, or the achievement, but you lessen it by constantly boasting. If you didn’t keep mentioning it, then I wouldn’t point out the fact that it includes no games against Vid, Toni or Arda.

Perhaps when you realise this, and stop posting silly comments, then we get back to playing the game. Until then, Catennacio is still waiting for the video…

U are paranoid

Comment by cdomplus (2009-11-16 16:43:20):

really berty

look blog of mister barayef he use your word ...

now it's sure he love you he want you

Play barayef .... or perhaps he have fear to play vs you
cause vitosha is last now at ranking :)

Em Hu!!!!

Comment by bahane (2009-11-16 20:06:15):