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Played on 2009-07-02 23:39:56
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Minor Problems (a freeze or two)

em hu .....

Comment by cdomplus (2009-07-21 10:36:32):

em hu 3 times in last post
but ehis is OFF

Where is idea of Tired captain to organise Moonwalk tour?

em hu!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-22 01:07:33):

em hu is on regardless, now now!!!!!!

(Edited by bahane at 09-07-22 1:07:44 )

To Bahane!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-25 00:13:34):

Hey bahane em hu is dead can't you see that ???

To Bahane!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-25 00:16:08):

Hey bahane, em hu is never dead, em hu is on regardless, by the way, because of you talk about em hu like that you are at my black list now, if i will see you at the streets of ankara or istanbul i will teach you your lesson of life loooool!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment by bahane (2009-07-25 00:18:49):

Hey Simba(aka lionrock), let's play some time, let's schedule a date, lemme know bye e-mail, you have to leave your jungle now, come on!!!!!