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Played on 2009-07-02 22:39:46
at Godweapon Virginia (105-180 ms)






Minor Problems (a freeze or two)

A kafkian match

Comment by vid (2009-07-02 15:51:14):

My first match with Marco is a surreal one. I came alive out of it, but my players were in kafkian state for most of the time, and couldn't steal the ball from Marco at all.

Congrats Marco, nice game...!

To TiredCaptain: a Michael Jackson tournament is a good idea indeed! I'm a bit tied up these weeks, but in a couple of weeks I should be able to play more regularly... and we may arrange a moonwalking tour, in honor of the king of pop!

Cheers to all!

My first match 20 years later..

Comment by Kafkiano (2009-07-02 16:03:23):

It was my first "online match" with this game..
My "other" first time in EHIS was in 1989, with C64c.. The experience was quite different from playing against the computer.. Also the connection was not perfect. I really thank Andres, he was patient and kind with me. He is skilled and scored nice goals. I hope to play again soon.
Greetings to everyone.

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Hi Kafkiano...

Comment by Toni_Ailton (2009-07-03 07:00:18):

...and a big welcome to ehis64.net!

I hope you will have lots of fun playing with the people around here :-)

and vid, where in heck have you been the last two months? I was even worried that something would happen like you disappeared like maciej... ;-)

Em hu!!!!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-05 17:49:45):

Em hu all week this week regardless!!!!!


Comment by bahane (2009-07-06 21:53:34):

I am free all day tuesday for em hu, who ever wanna play cam e-mail me, em hu regardless!!!!!!

bahane alone with ehis

Comment by cdomplus (2009-07-09 15:07:09):


hello everybody from club med tunisia

long life to bahane and long life to member board who take decision for me in two weeks and wait since two months for arda and barayef

and perhaps for another one who take a new nickname for play ehis

shame shame shame

em hu!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-09 21:52:00):

Em hu all week,next week regardless!!!!!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-12 23:45:42):

When, when, when ?????


Comment by cdomplus (2009-07-13 15:00:36):

you dont understand ..... pablo toni is surely on holiday

you are just alone now :)

kiss from holidays

em hu!!!!

Comment by bahane (2009-07-20 23:06:40):


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