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Played on 2009-04-21 22:46:10
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Comment by vid (2009-04-21 16:35:08):

Some minutes have passed since the referee blew the final whistle. The crossbar still trembling after Toni Ailton's shot, my German defenders on their knees, severely shaken and put to stress in the last seconds of the game by Toni's Irish strikers.
The last minute was all played by Toni, who with one extra goal would have gained the victory, yet the ball danced on my goal line in the last seconds without crossing it, the score remained 1-1, and my team is now about to hoist the cup up to the skies.

So pardon me, I'll go open the spumante and celebrate with the West Germany team throughout all night! Auf Wiedersehen!! Wir singen hey BRAUN ale ale! Hey FINKEL ale ale! Hey SCHNEIDER ale ale!!!

yeees! means yes?

Comment by Lionrock (2009-04-23 02:09:49):

congs Vid for new title but you have some more job to do here, so if yeees means that you'll play with Chris that final, let's make meeting for the game!!!