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Played on 2009-04-05 16:09:51
at GameShot, France (25-60ms)






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final! ... and answers

Comment by vid (2009-04-05 09:49:59):

Glad to have qualified to SantaLucia final, although the latest scores suggest that perhaps I need to practise... as I missed way too many chances (and 3 penalties) against Carl (who seems to have found the way, without the referee noticing, to have his defender sneak in on his goal line every time I kick a penalty!)

Congrats to Carl for 3 well-fought matches (and also for passing me the kaillera.dll)

To the finalists for 1st place and 3rd place: you now have to play 2 matches, in the same way that is explained on the front page of ehis64. Whoever scores the more goals, within 20 mins, wins. If the goals are the same, the one who had a better standing in Santa Lucia's League wins.
(i.e. To arrive 3rd, Carl needs to score one goal more than Arda. To arrive 1st, Toni needs to score one goal more than me)
Winner will earn 50 pts, second place 26 and third place 25.

To Lionrock: I somehow agree with the firm comparison. As the community grows, there's going to be people who agree and people who possibly disagree on the decisions. Regardless of all, it's important to see that it's crucial that cdomplus and bahane play their semifinal. If they don't, how can a new tournament take place? Considering 4 board members out of 5 voted for cdomplus being guily (the 5th board member being neutral) and considering most competitors are with bahane, it's clear that everyone wants to see the semifinal being played.
Having heard Arda, I know he is willing to leave all the things that have been said and done behind his shoulder. Cdomplus is favourite, so he shouldn't have problems playing either, so it seems the semis can be played?!

to HandofNagash: your case is hardly comparable to the one under exam! As far as I remember, your quarrel with Bahane starts from both of you having heard from third parties that you had been insulted. No direct insult has been made, at least not one that can be clearly seen on the ehis messageboard.
Anyway, without further discussion, it would be great if you could remove this annoying part of your ehis experience; I'm sure you don't want to keep in mind this story as a tale to tell 30 years from now to your grandchildren? :)

Cheers to all! If I have time, I'll update the website soon, with SL features...

cup on!

Comment by Carl4469 (2009-04-05 10:11:34):

thanks for games vid and hope arda is here for the cup battle for 3rd place and 25 points!


Comment by bahane (2009-04-05 11:07:16):

I am here but we cant play i have to play with somebody else, i played you last :(

Em hu!

Comment by bahane (2009-04-05 11:27:19):

I am here and waiting someone to come, nobody come,lol!!!!

Comment by Lionrock (2009-04-05 14:30:04):

i am for em hu but my msn is dead

hey lion

Comment by bahane (2009-04-05 14:39:11):

hey lion lets play three for rank i am here


Comment by bahane (2009-04-05 14:45:12):

Barayef messed my bio-ritm again like he did before. Around 2 months ago he beat me, and my decline started including the cup, today he beat me again, so i had a little decline includin cup again, but also my dear friend Carl the "he-man" played with passion and very persistent. Cong carl, i hate you bara lol!!! I hope galatasaray will take the revenge at ali samy yen this sunday. Thanx Carl, Bara, em hu on regardless!!!!!!!


Comment by bahane (2009-04-05 14:51:01):

i can't communicate with you, lets play three for rank, now!!!

Vid.. please- yes or no

Comment by Lionrock (2009-04-05 14:58:19):

yes, decisions right.. but that was conviction without judging (about cdom+ penalty) but attitude like that is well known here so it wasn't surprise me a crumb

so about that final... my decision is that Bahane is out of tour for that 2nd tournament cause he refuse to play semi vs Chris after many months and my strength to settle these 2 players on field, so that stays like finally, more better cause after these treatment of site big-heads i think that 2 guys will ever play each from here to eternity

it's too many time spent for that tour and now i wanna finish it, so decision is that, that you 2 (Vid&Chris) play that final matches

just answer me, will you play that with Chris???