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Played on 2007-06-22 19:02:31
at TSE Retro-Game server (ping 68-82 )






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INCREDIBLE PENALTY: Referee and CPU corrupted?

Comment by AlterEgo (2007-06-22 13:36:05):

In the last match aganist Nuno/Strik3r, a fair player and a REAL friend, it happens an INCREDIBLE THING:
I was finalizing a wonderful action, with three fast short passages from one field zone to another, that allowed my attacker to shot from good position inside area box...While i was shooting for a sure goal, with a wrong movement i unplug my joystick from connector, so i missed goal...
I quicky went to plug in my joy without pressing PAUSE key, and i didn't look what happened on match but, after i plugged in my joy and come back to match i see my player that was running for shooting a penalty!
I think: "sure miss it", because i couldn't control player (i hadn't time to control it, i just sitted down and get my joy on hand), but...UNBELIEVABLE!
My player does a slow high diagonal shot that enter on angle and SCORE! Player has shoot penalty and scored LONELY, and what a penalty: like Totti's "Cucchiaio"! :O
So after match, i told this to Nuno that answer to me: "Referee, Cpu, ALL AGANIST ME: DO YOU CORRUPT THEM? :)" Well, at Nuno's place, i would think the same! :)
Obviously, we are joking: in contrary of someone think, on EHIS there is no way to corrupt referee, cpu and game! :D
This strange things that sometime happens on EHIS are part of this crazy and wonderful game! ;)
Finally, THANKS TO YOU, Nuno for these 3 nice matches, i hope we will return to play together soon! ;)

No one likes me...

Comment by strik3r (2007-06-23 17:32:40):

Not even the CPU!!!

I could have lost by 3-0... BUT NO!!!! It had to be 4!!!

Bad CPU!!! Bad memory!!! Naughty HD Drive!!! Bad Computer!!!!

These are all a bunch of currupt EHIS care-takers, that are managing everything in order to sink the Portuguese players!! It's a shame!!! A total DISGRACE!!!

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

Thanks, Alter Ego, for this matches! ;)