Here are brief introductions to the people who worked to bring us Emlyn Hughes International Soccer for Commodore 64. We have also rummaged the attick and managed to find some extremely rare signed photos taken during the making of the game and showing all the team members in the middle of their creative process!

Graham Blighe THE MOST CENTRAL FIGURE of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Graham Blighe programmed all the versions of the game himself. Blighe studied mechanical engineering at university after having spent a year at IBM and become interested in computers. After his graduation, he started programming, first for Commodore 64 and subsequently for other machines as well. During his 17-year career he mainly worked from home. The last we know of Graham Blighe is that he is still at home, but now semi-retired. However, he has indicated that were someone to offer him that one last big game deal that would make him enough money to buy a motor sports team, he would certainly take it. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer 2, anyone?

Programs by Graham Blighe:
- Bandits! (unpublished): made for C64
- Osprey (1984): educational software about osprey breeding
- Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (1985): Amstrad CPC and PCW conversions
- Turbo Disk (????): disk speed booster
- Perfect Recall (????): custom loader
- Tunnel Vision (1987): for C64
- Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (all versions, 1988-1990)
- Loopz (1991): Barcrest Arcade machine conversion
- Instant Recall (1992): custom loader for C64 and BBC word-processors
- European Champions (Lothar Mätthaeus, Wembley IS, 1993-1994)
- Super League Manager (1993): used Blighe's code for the matches
- Brian Lara Cricket (1996): for Amiga

A number of these can be found from our downloads section.

Peter Calver PETER CALVER GRADUATED from university in 1972 and started off as an investment analyst. Yet, that apparently wasn't enough excitement, for in 1978 he founded a company called Supersoft, specializing in making software for home computers - a rather bold move at that point in time. His efforts paid off, however, and in 1985 he was able to acquire Audiogenic, the company that he ended up managing for 11 years until selling it in 1996. He didn't stay put after that, either, for the last we know of him, Calver not only runs a creativity consultancy Innovations Unlimited, but is also a co-owner of One Day MBA, the Managing Director of Lost Cousins Ltd, as well as the founder of Emess Action Group. Not bad!

Andrew Calver PETER CALVER'S BROTHER, Andrew, did the graphics to EHIS. Unfortunately, we know next to nothing about him at the moment. He is credited as the man behind the graphics in Emlyn Hughes International Soccer and a few other Audiogenic titles. The search for the lost Calver goes on!

Michael McLean MICHAEL MCLEAN GRADUATED with a BSc (Hons) degree in Electronics from Southampton University in 1968. It was, understandably, only about a decade later that he actually grew interested in computers. A self-taught programmer, McLean had already written a few utilities when Peter Calver contacted him in the early 1980s asking if he would be interested in writing a cricket game. McLean said he would try and wrote Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, which ended up selling more than 50,000 copies in its various incarnations! Like Blighe, McLean is now semi-retired.

We had the honour of interviewing Michael in June 2005. The whole e-mail interview can be read here.

Graham Gooch's Test Cricket can be found at our downloads section.

Barry Leitch SURELY ONE OF THE MOST LEGENDARY and prolific game composers of the late 80s and early 90s, Barry Leitch is the man behind the tunes for so many classics that there is no space to even begin listing them. (And in any case, you can find more or less complete lists from just about anywhere.) Leitch was working for a company called Imagitec when hired to do the music for the Commodore 64 version of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer. The last we have heard of him, he is living and working in the US for Fisher Price Toys. You can find his website that includes a bagful of downloads at Barry Leitch Studios.


Introducing the people behind the Commodore 64 version of Emlyn Hughes International soccer, this page includes short biographies of those we have to thank for bringing us the program. The contents of this page are: