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The scans are around quarter of a megabyte on average.

ASL News was Audiogenic's own one-page newsletter that was distributed for free for the people working in the company. Here are scans of the issues that mention Emlyn Hughes International Soccer.

ISSUE 1 - MARCH 1988: side 1 | side 2
Announces Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (side 2). It actually looks like the article itself is from another magazine.

ISSUE 4 - NOVEMBER 1988: single side
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer has been released, and the first reviews are coming in. BBC and Electron conversions required.

ISSUE 6 - JUNE 1989: side 1 | side 2
Amstrad version is out with rave reviews, sales top 60,000 copies, Woolworths and other major chains stock the game, and there are hopes that the Amiga and Atari versions would be out in September or October. (With hindsight, had they been available then, and not only a year later, they would probably have made a much bigger impact on those machines as well.) They are still looking for someone to do the BBC and Electron coversions.

ISSUE 7 - SEPTEMBER 1988: single side
The Amiga and ST versions are now said to be out by the end of the year. The look for BBC and Electron programmers continues, and EHIS has by now been in the All Formats Top 40 for 27 weeks.

ISSUE 9 - MARCH 1990: single side
Emlyn passes 100,000 sold copies, but is still not out on Amiga or ST. Audiogenic drops their full support of the BBC and Electron computers. A deal with Nintendo, on the other hand, is announced -- now what would have happened if Emlyn Hughes International Soccer had continued on Nintendo?

ISSUE 10 - MAY 1990: single side
Still no Amiga or ST version.

ISSUE 11 - SEPTEMBER 1990: side 1 | side 2
The ST and Amiga versions are finally out, just after the World Cup started. There is also a mention of a game called Loopz, which Graham Blighe later on converted to the Barcrest Arcade machine.

Other magazines

WE HAVE ALSO managed to get hold of a scan from an unknown magazine published around the time of Emlyn's release. You can see it here.

Meanwhile, the September 2005 issue of the Italian Computer Home magazine published an article about Emlyn Hughes, as well as ehis64.net. See the article here.

Finally, ehis64.net was featured in the June 2007 issue of the Italian Retro Gamer magazine. See the article here.


This page is our virtual magazine museum, listing the relevant newspaper and magazine clips that we have been able to find. All of them discuss Emlyn Hughes International Soccer in one way or another, and especially the ASL News issues are fascinating reading!


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