THE FOLLOWING LINKS were hand-picked by the Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Community, and serve to guide you around the net in search for information related to the game. Enjoy surfing, and come back soon! The number one Commodore 64 portal.

Lemon64 Everyone's favourite C64 game index.

Arnold The biggest C64 game archive.

CCS64 A Commodore 64 emulator allowing Internet play.

C64Games Our friends at have another great C64 index & archive. And once you are there, don't forget to vote for Emlyn Hughes International Soccer! Portal Commodore 64 news, software, demos, competitions, parties, downloads... well, you get the idea!

Slayradio An internet radio station broadcasting Commodore 64 remixes. If you can't play C64 games at work, this is the second best thing!

Kohina Or, if you rather listen to the original C64 songs, tune into this C64 Radio station!

Planet Emulation A huge cross-platform image archive (in French).

The Amstrad CPC Games Resource The title says it all.

EAGER Every Amiga Game Ever Listed: if you are looking for one, start here!

Nostalgica A cool index of Amiga games. Take a special look at the links section!

The Tipshop A great site full of hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and pokes for all the Spectrum fanatics amongst you!

The Def Guide to Zzap!64 Bringing you a big slice of the best English C64 magazine that there ever was (and, probably, will be).

Commodore Format Library Aims at putting online scans of all the 61 Commodore Format issues that were published.

World of Spectrum They claim to be "the official world archive for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the largest on-line gaming center on the Internet", and that may very well be true.

Crash: The Online Edition A work-in-progress archive of scans of the Crash magazine.

The Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years Provides much of the Your Sinclair magazine for you to read.

Soccer Gaming Want to know about more recent soccer titles? Then head here! A german website full of cheats, codes and trainers for all platforms. Manufacturer of custom built Personal Video Arcade cabinets that can play both classic and modern video games.

Soccerway Soccer results from around the world.

ESPN Soccernet Soccer news and results.

Soccernews More soccer news and results.

Soccer-for-Parents An American soccer site "devoted to educating every soccer parent about the sport their kid(s) love." Definitely worth checking!

Soccer Corner A fairly good soccer portal.

Soccerlinks Another fairly good soccer portal. When here, don't forget to scroll down for the hilarious random quotes (in red)!

Expert Football - Soccer Portal Yet another fairly good collection of soccer sites.

E-soccer The central directory for English Soccer on the net. Global Football and Soccer Portal - UK based The open source web directory.


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