THE ONLINE LEAGUE we run consists of several different types of matches played between the players. As the importance and procedure of these matches differs, it is important to understand what each of them is about.

PRACTICE MATCHES are a special type of games that the newly registered are required to play. These matches are not calculated in the World Rankings.

Basically, you are considered a "freshman" until you have played against three different opponents who themselves are not freshmen and have played at least 5 competitional matches. And while you are a freshman, you can only play practice matches, and not take part in any other types of competition.

In reality, this then means that until you have played against three active players, which we call "competitors", your results do not affect the World Rankings. This gives you as a new player some time to get used to the controls before you start playing in the competitions, and therefore makes it less possible for old players to benefit from your inexperience. The first match you play against a third competitor makes you a competitor too (as long as you have played at least 5 matches in total). From then on, every match you play against a competitor will be a "friendly" and will affect your rankings.

Note also that practice matches can only be played against freshmen.

FRIENDLY MATCHES are the most common of the different match types. These are voluntary matches played whenever two competitor-class members have time and interest to do so.

CURRENTLY, the only match types available are the ones listed above. However, we are working on introducing a tournament system, which will possibly include four extra types of competitions, each played once in two years (i.e. two tournaments per year). While much of the system is still on the drawing board, the current plan is to have the following:

The G. Blighe Championship would be a competition type that resembles the championship option in Emlyn Hughes International Soccer. In other words, it would consist of a league phase, which would then be followed by a cup phase in which those who finished highest in the league play against each other.

The Calvers' Cup would, like the name suggest, be a cup competition. Match pairs would be drawn randomly, and just like in a normal cup, the winners would go forward to the next round(s), until there is only one player left, who is the winner.

The McLean-Leitch League would be a typical league where everyone plays against everyone else. The winner would be the player with most points after every game is played.

Finally, The Emlyn Hughes International Soccer World Cup would be a competition resembling that of the FIFA World Cup. As such, it would have group stages followed by knock-out rounds that would ultimately determine which players reach the final. The winner of that final would be crowned the reigning Champion of EHIS until the next World Cup.


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