The EHIS Community

THE INTERNET COMMUNITY devoted to Emlyn Hughes International Soccer has existed since the early 1999 when our mailing list was first opened. While we were initially just a handful of guys wondering whether there is other intelligent EHIS life out there, through the years the community has slowly but surely increased in size, as we have reached out to others who are still playing the game. We may not be the fastest growing community on the World Wide Web, but in the end it is the quality, not the quantity, that matters.

We do not publish a bimonthly fanzine, nor do we have a secret handshake, or even a cool member tag or anything like that. Instead, our activities and objectives can be summarized as being: to have fun playing EHIS, to make great new friends, and to discuss matters within to our sphere of interests. In doing all this we also work hard to preserve the legacy of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer for the future generations.
Our visitor's locations.
A visitor tracking program that we recently installed tells us that has been viewed in at least 78 countries. Strangely enough, no visitor has lately hopped in from football-loving nations such as Mexico, Paraguay, Camerun, Latvia or Kazakhstan.

Playing EHIS

ALTHOUGH MAKING FRIENDS and e-mailing about computer and soccer related matters was originally our main raison d'etre, the current possibility to play Commodore 64 games online has changed much of that. Now that the C64 emulator CCS64 supports Kaillera, we are finally able to compete against each other face to face. Consequently, the Emlyn Hughes International Soccer World Rankings Lists are now also able to show you who is currently the highest ranked EHIS player in the world.

Yet, this does not mean that there hasn't been any playing in the times before Kaillera and online playability. In fact, in addition to several online games conducted in a rather complicated way before Kaillera opened up the possibility to play directly against a human opponent, we organized the first real Emlyn Hughes International Soccer World Cup in Milan, Italy, in the summer of 2000 (the night of August the 2nd, to be more precise). There were three participants present - Vid, Paolo and Vili - all fighting for the title of the First EHIS Champion. Although this represented only a fraction of the worldwide EHIS community, we ended up crowning Vid as the Master of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, year 2000.

In addition to all that, there has also been talk about programming Emlyn Hughes International Soccer II as a fan-project. Currently, with everything else going on in the community, the development is unfortunately somewhat stagnated, although a few attempts at restarting it have been made.


Early 1999: Vid and Vili, without knowing about each other, each create separate websites for Emlyn Hughes International Soccer.

10 April 1999: A contact between Vid & Pablo and Vili & alephh is established. Both pairs are surprised to find that they are not the only persons in the world still playing the game.

07 May 1999: The Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Community is established as a mailing list on the Onelist servers. In addition to the above-mentioned members, the founding members also include Andy. The hope is that other EHIS players might still be found.

08 August 1999: The message-count on the mailing list reaches 100.

March 2000: Onelist merges with eGroups, and so do we.

Spring-Autumn 2000: A number of small tournaments are organized thanks to a cunning use of the "save state" function and some goodwill from everyone's part.

02 August 2000: The first EHIS World Cup is held in Milan, Italy. Vili, Vid and Pablo participate in the tournament, which eventually crowns Vid as the first EHIS Champion.

23 November 2000: The message-count on the mailing list reaches 500.

April 2000: The number of members who have posted on the list reaches 8: we could theoretically speaking now play a league together with each team being controlled by a different player. Unfortunately, the geographical distances, with more than 10,000km separating some members from others, makes this way too costly to be practical.

December 2000: The member count reaches 14.

January 2001: eGroups is bought by Yahoo!, and so we become a YahooGroup.

04 January 2002: Graham Blighe contacts Vid. The following weeks are delightfully filled chatting with him via e-mail.

30 June 2002: The message-count on the mailing list reaches 1,000.

26 June 2004: We spot that CCS64 supports Kaillera, and hence playing EHIS Online (properly) becomes a possibility.

29 June 2004: At 08:49 GMT, the first ever multi-player online EHIS match is played. Andy and Vili lose to the computer 1-0 under terrible conditions.

04 August 2004: Thanks to Selcuk, is opened, taking its texts from Vili's old site, which is now shut down. Our online league kicks off.

01 March 2005: The Early Times World Rankings list is established after more than six months of arguments about the technical details of the formula.

June 2005: The construction of a new website begins. Meanwhile, due to a member cheating in the World Rankings list, the Online League is temporarily closed. Days turn to weeks, and weeks to months, and silence falls over the community.

September 2005: We manage to get the Italian magazine Computer Magazine to publish an article on EHIS, which also mentions

22 April 2006: The new website is unveiled. Meanwhile, the Online League still remains closed as we continue working on making it cheat-proof.

17 August 2006: The new and improved Online League is launched.

April-June 2007: Lionrock's EHIS tournament marks the first time a proper tournament is played online. Vid is crowned the champion.

June 2007: Thanks to Pablo's efforts, the June issue of the Italian Retro Gamer magazine has a page-and-a-half article on As a result, our visitor numbers double momentarily.