EVERY COMMUNITY needs rules and guidelines, and (perhaps unfortunately?) we are not an exception. Please read through this page carefully, and do your very best to follow all the rules.

Note also that we have spent almost a decade building this community, and our main goal is simply to have fun. Since it is not fun if someone deliberately wants to cheat or harm others, please do not break the rules and guidelines.


Be nice and polite. We are here to have fun in a friendly atmosphere, and this means that you should be nice and polite with everyone.

Be nice and polite. Since this is our fundamental rule on which everything else is based, we thought that it would be good to repeat it, just in case you didn't notice it on the first read. :-)

Help newcomers. Instead of trying to benefit from the newcomers' period of adjustment to the game, we kindly ask you to help them. Please, be nice and don't beat them 8-0 even if you can: it is not nice for anyone, and we generally look down on people who are vain enough to want to score that much.

Don't be provocative. This applies especially to match comments. Remember that something that you consider a witty remark may well be seen by others as an insult. So, even if you just had an easy match against someone and feel that you were much better, please don't try to boost your own ego by praising yourself and laughing at the other player. Instead, be nice.


Every individual is allowed to have only one member account. Note that we can easily monitor the use of different accounts, so it is not difficult for us to see if someone is breaking this rule.

You are not allowed to help your friend by playing in his stead. This can also be monitored, and both the person playing and the person allowing the use of his/her account will be held responsible.

You should not enter false match results to the system. Again, this is easy to spot, yet it takes considerable time and effort from our part to clean up the mess once someone has mixed up the database this way. Consequently, we are not nice to people who do this.

Your password is for your own use. Don't lend it to anyone and don't ask other people to login for you.

Please cooperate with administrators who might contact you to perform simple checks of your IP or things like that. They are just working to keep the league fair and entertaining.

The member information pages should not be misused. This includes harvesting the members' email addresses and MSN IDs for any commercial purpose including (but not restricted to) spamming. Ultimately, everyone's privacy should be respected.

If you don't know, ask. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to do something, ask us. That way there will not be any unpleasant surprises. Similarly, if you know that what you are planning to do is wrong, don't do it.

The EHIS64 Board has the final word in everything. Just like the referee on the field, the decisions of our board members are final and should be taken as such. We are easy-going people, and we try our best to be fair. However, the easiest way to not have any problems with us is to simply not break the rules. :-) And, of course, be nice.


This page lays down the fair play rules, as well as guidelines about how to behave like a gentle(wo)man on and off the pitch.

In case you feel that someone has broken these rules, please send an email to the mailing list, explaining your situation. Or, if you would like to handle it more privately, you can contact any of the following board members: Andy, Vid or Vili. You can either meet them online, or send a private message through their user pages.

When dealing with a problem, please act calmly and be nice with everyone, even (and especially) those who you think have wronged you.


In case someone is found guilty of breaking the rules, the administrators of this community reserve the right to decide what will be done.

In the case of minor offences, such as unfriendly behaviour, we may simply reprimand the member(s) in question. However, if the behaviour continues after that, we will take more serious action.

For more serious offences, like entering false matches or having two separate member identities, we will decide the consequences on a case-per-case basis. We really hate cheaters, and will not be nice to them.

However, to finish this rather grave section on a positive note, let us just say that we love people who follow the rules and are nice to each other. :-)