THIS IS THE FIFTH AND FINAL PART in our series of articles helping you to play Emlyn Hughes International Soccer online. By now you should be able to run EHIS on your PC with CCS64, as well as Online via Kaillera, and you should also have become an active member and know what the rules are.

In this last part, we will learn how to enter match results into our system.

Once you have played a match or a number of matches, you need to add them to our database. In order to prevent cheating, both players need to be logged in to our server when a match is entered. One of the players then has to use the match-entering form to enter a new result. The fields are:

Event. This field is used for marking whether the match was a friendly or something else. Activated members and freshmen may play only "practice" matches until they have played with more than two old members.

Played at. This is the time the match approximately took place (or, rather, when the results are being entered). There is usually no need to change this.

Player. Choose the two players from the drop-down menus. You must be one of the players chosen.

Goals. Under this header, enter the scores of the two players.

Stadium. This field is for the name of the server the game was played in.

Match type. If any special rules were used, choose from here.

Condition. If you had any problems with the connection while playing, choose accordingly.

Once the new result has been entered, the other player has 15 minutes to confirm it. If s/he fails to do so, the match will have to be deleted by the player who entered it, and needs to be entered again.

If an error is spotted, the match should not be confirmed, and a new one should be entered for confirmation.

Note that the order the matches were played in matters, and you should enter and confirm the games in the same order that they were played in!

Once the matches are entered in this way, you can also leave comments about the match on the match page. Please follow our general rule, i.e. be nice. A comment that you think is funny and witty may well be understood as very insensitive and unfriendly by the others, so do not to write anything that makes fun of your opponent.

Congratulations! If you have read through all five of our articles, you should now know everything there is to know about playing EHIS online. Thank you for your patience, and welcome to the league!

If you encountered problems in match-entering, contact us either on the mailing list ( or via this form.


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