THIS IS THE THIRD PART in our five-part series of articles guiding you through the technicalities of running Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on your PC. By now you should be able to run EHIS on your PC with CCS64, as well as Online via Kaillera.

In this part, we will talk about membership in our Online League, including how to contact other members.

Setting up an online match not only requires both players to be connected to the web, but also some sort of a means of communication between them. We have decided to use MSN messenger for that purpose, and if you would like to play, you should have an account. It is easy to get one, and completely free, so if you don't already have one, you can register at the MSN Messenger home page.

Note that you can have the Messenger and the install procedure in many different languages.

Moreover, although using Microsoft's default software is obviously the easiest way to do it, if you are a bit more experienced with computers and for one reason or another don't want to use the MSN Messenger software, there are alternatives. In fact, we ourselves mainly use either Miranda or Trillian, which are both absolutely free. Note, however, that you still need to create an MSN Messenger account, even if you choose to use a different software.

To take part in our Online League, you need to be registered also to our site. If you haven't already done so, you can do so here (it is completely free). When you register you will not only be included in our database, but also added to our mailing list.

Registration enables you to enter the matches you play against other members, although these will be considered just practices not to be taken into account for the World-Rankings calculations. Moreover, plain registration will just be temporary, thus your account will be deleted if you spend three months without logging in (there would be a previous notice sent to you by email). To upgrade your membership you need to fill in the questionnaire on your individual user page, and have it approved by one of our board members. You should answer every question truthfully, and especially remember to fill in your MSN account information. These info is just meant for us to get to know each other better, both for fun and to make sure that we can trust you with a regular account.

Having your answers approved will grant you "freshman" status. This means your account will be permanent, and it is a first step towards participating in the World Rankings (the other requirement is playing several practice matches, check our page about competition types for details). These and all other account types are, of course, free.

The next step is to tell the rest of the community that you have joined. To do so, send an e-mail to the mailing list (, announcing that you have joined the league and would like to play. Don't wonder if it takes some time for anyone to reply - we live in different time zones, and so a reply will probably take a day or so.

If you are anxious to play right away, you can now also browse through the other members' user pages. Once you are an active member (i.e. have filled in the questionnaire), you can get their MSN account IDs sent to your mail box. (We do not display these on the website for security reasons.) Once you have got our IDs, add them to your MSN software.

Now all you can do is wait with your MSN software open and connected to the Internet. Sooner or later someone will log in and you can ask them to play a match with you. In fact, we usually have a member or two logged in at all times. However, bear in mind that most of our members live in Europe, and hence your chances of finding someone to play with are higher during the European day and evening times.

While you wait, read the next chapter where you can learn the rules of our online league.

You have now finished the third part of our instructions guiding you to play Emlyn Hughes International Soccer online with other people. If everything went fine, click here to proceed to the next chapter where we will talk about how to play with other members.

On the other hand, if you had problems, contact us either on the mailing list ( or via this form.


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