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29 December 2009:
xmas2009 The staff of ehis64.net wishes you happy holidays!

The website is currently undergoing some renovation, in order to implement the next new feature: online leagues. We are aware of the many issues that have been raised in the past months and believe that online leagues will be the key that locks out all concerns and unlocks the door to a new year of more passionate play. Stay tuned!

22 April 2009:
Santa Lucia puzzle Vid is the champion of the Santa Lucia tournament, Toni Ailton gets the silver and Carl gains the bronze. [...]
After almost 4 months, it may well happen that the Santa Lucia puzzle is about to be completed.
With Toni Ailton defeating Bahane and Vid overcoming Carl in the semis, only the finals are left to be played. For those needing it, here's a quick reminder of the rules. Two matches get played per final: he who has scored more goals within two legs will win; if the goals are the same, then the one who earned a better ranking in the first phase wins. The ranking in the first phase was: Vid, Toni Ailton, Bahane, Carl (Carl, due to Franek's mysterious resignation).
At stake are the coveted 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies, which will also grant 50 pts to the winner, 26 to the runner up and 25 to him who arrives 3rd.
To be played (0):
FINAL 3rd PLACE: Bahane - Carl 3-5 4-4

FINAL 1st PLACE: Toni_Ailton - Vid 2-2 1-1

Toni_Ailton - Bahane 6-1 4-3
Vid - Carl 4-1 3-3

2 April 2009:
cdbahane matters A fiery debate ensued over the past weeks, following a post through which player cdomplus mocked in a rather explicit way player bahane. Player cdomplus was accused of showing lack of respect towards the opponent. On the other hand, player bahane was accused of deliberately avoiding player cdomplus.
Having heard witnesses, the ehis board finds cdomplus guilty and bahane innocent, on the basis of there being a direct cause-consequence relationship between cdomplus' offensive post and bahane's subsequent behavior. An aggravating factor is that cdomplus, having himself been once a victim of a drawing, knew well that the board would not appreciate such posts.
Cdomplus will therefore spend 4 weeks of temporary suspension from ehis activities, as well as a 100 points fine.
Regardless of the sentence, we hope that both Cdomplus and Bahane, while remaining foes, will reestablish a link of minimal respect, that will lead them to play the semifinals of Lionrock's tournament, in the rules that have been defined by organizer Lionrock.
To settle matters, we kindly ask player cdomplus and bahane to refrain from making any further public remarks that are offensive to either player.

24 March 2009:
Due to Franek Szajba disappearing from the EHIS scene for the past 2 months and being unreachable by all known ways, Carl, as 1st runner up in the first stage of the tournament, will take up his place and play the semifinals. Below is the updated tournament schedule:
To be played (3):


FINAL 3rd PLACE: Bahane-??? L-L L-L

FINAL 1st PLACE: Toni_Ailton - ??? L-L L-L

Played (22): (click to expand)

12 December 2008:
Santa Lucia 2008 The nights may be long but, with EHIS, you will never be alone in the dark. Premiering on what is traditionally considered the longest night of the year (the one between December 12th and December 13th, also known as the Santa Lucia night), is the S.Lucia challenger.
Deadline for entering is December 13th. To confirm your presence, just type something on the messageboard of ehis64.net or write to us via the form on http://www.ehis64.net/contact.php.
In round #1, everybody plays everybody just once (10 minutes). First 4 advance. As there's no return leg, it is recommended that every player tries to play half of his matches at home and half of them away (in pure UEFA-style).
In the event that two or more teams end up with same points, the criteria for deciding who comes first are like in Champions' League:
- points in the direct matches
- goal difference in the direct matches
- number of goals scored in the direct matches
- global goal difference
- global number of goals scored
- alphabetical order of username
In the semis, #1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3. Two matches get played per semifinal and decree the finalists. Of course, he who has scored more goals within two legs advances to the final (if the goals are the same, then the one who earned a better ranking in the first phase goes to final).
Then two legs get played also for the two finals (3rd place and 1st place) (same criteria as semifinals in the event of same number of goals) and the tournament crowns the winner.
People not participating AND with more than 1000 points are deducted:
- (5% (their points-1000)), if there's only 5 participants
- (10% (their points-1000)) if there's 6 participants
- (15% (their points-1000)) if there's 7 participants
- (20% (their points-1000)), if there's at least 8 participants
The points thus obtained make up the grand prize of the challenger tournament. Winner of tournament gains 1/2 of those points. Those who arrive 2nd and 3rd get 1/4 of those points.
The official participants are: Toni Ailton, Bahane, Franek, Hand Of Nagash, Carl, Barayef and Vid.
For any further inquiry, please contact Vid, who wishes everyone plenty of success in the tournament.

29 March 2008:
Lionrock Cup 2008 The Lionrock World tournament 2008 is under way!! As not many matches have not been played yet, you're probably still in time to register to it, if you wish to.
The rules - they are the same as last year: everyone plays everyone three times in the first group round. Lionrock himself will take care of updating the scoresheet and the standings.
In the final phase, play-offs go as follows: winner of 1-8 takes on winner 4-5 and winner 2-7 takes on 3-6. The team advancing to the next round will be that who first wins two matches. So more than 3 matches might actually be required, if some matches end up in draw.
For any further inquiry, please contact Lionrock, who wishes everyone plenty of success in the tournament.
Scoring - all matches played in Lionrock Tournament must be entered as FRIENDLY or CUP (they should affect the ranking in the same way a regular friendly match does)
A proposal has been advanced, that people *not* participating AND with more than 1000 points are deducted (20% (their points-1000)). The deduction will take place between the group phase and the final phase, so as to give all participants the possibility of expressing if they're favourable or against it.
If the proposal is accepted, winner of cup gains 1/2 of the points that have been deducted from the non-participants. Those obtaining 2nd and 3rd place will instead get 1/4 of those points.
PS: By clicking on the poster (courtesy of cdomplus), you may be able to see its animated version.

18 January 2008:
happy new year! Following the winter holidays, www.ehis64.net is back, with some new/updated pages (trophy room, community) and a brand new active user page, that features the option to challenge those players who happen to be online.
Now those with no MSN installed on their PC will hopefully be able to more easily toss challenges: all they need to do is click, in the active user page, on those users bearing a Resting online/free icon. While this will turn into a Fighting busy icon, the system will inform the other player of the challenge. Both players should then go into the chat room and there arrange a match.
Last but not least, ehis64.net wishes to all players and website visitors a happy new year, with plenty of goals ;-)

8 July 2007:

Retro Gamer coverThe latest issue of the Italian edition of Retro Gamer magazine has a page-and-a-half feature on EHIS64.net! If you live in Italy, make sure to pick up a copy!

You can also see a scan of the article on our website by going to our magazine section, and scrolling to the bottom of the page for a link.

All props go to Pablo for making this happen!

17 August 2006:
We fixed and improved the Online League and it is finally back! We expect it to be now more friendly to newcomers, more secure and more oriented towards making friends.

If you are not a Board member (ie. Andy, Pablo, Selcuk, Vid or Vili), you will see your member status is just "Activated". Please fill in the user questionnaire, then ask the Board for your approval as "Freshman", and read this page for details on how to further upgrade and enable the World Rankings for you (we may make some exceptions for those who have played in the league before). Right now the only ones with competitor status are the aforementioned Board members, but the ET ranking will remain empty until we play some matches because it has been reset.

If you find bugs, please report them to Andy.

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In addition to the version made for different machines, there was also an Italian version of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer called Retee!

After the release of Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on the five different systems, Graham Blighe continued with other soccer games that clearly owe their spirit to EHIS. Reviews of European Champions, Lothar Mätthaeus and Wembley International Soccer can be found in this section.

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Friendly: 2010-02-07
Toni_Ail.. 5-5 bahane

Practice: 2010-01-19
mjackson 0-5 vid

Practice: 2010-01-19
mjackson 1-8 cdomplus

Practice: 2010-01-19
mjackson 1-6 cdomplus

Practice: 2010-01-19
mjackson 1-9 cdomplus

Practice: 2010-01-19
mjackson 0-6 cdomplus

Practice: 2010-01-19
mjackson 1-12 bahane

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Early Times World Rankings
     Player Points Plyd
1. Toni_Ailton 1469 259
2. vid 1438 492
3. cdomplus 1374 1058
4. pablo 1227 360
5. gianKa 1211 64
6. Carl4469 1128 1123
7. AlterEgo 1111 82
8. bahane 1091 984
9. Lionrock 1043 528
10. BertyBlunt 1012 160
11. vili 1006 167
12. andy 1005 161
13. Exorcist 972 21
14. gaetanoselva.. 955 14
15. jaen 953 17
16. dottormoro 906 105
17. A.Barayef 891 186
18. Tetovo 889 20
19. Rookie 888 20
20. strik3r 886 29
21. Kildare 843 97
22. Franek_Szajba 817 141
23. tiredcaptain 816 156
24. yesugey 788 125
25. HandOfNagash 780 82
26. tbp 734 76

Click here to read more about the Early Times World Rankings


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